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Our Story

Inspiring love for Art

The story of The Authentic Gallery began with a visit to one of the world’s most famous art museums.

Our founders, moved by the cultural wealth and breathtaking beauty, decided to launch a digital space where art enthusiasts could find and buy their favorite pieces.

Since 2019, our online Art Store has the intention to connect art to the public.

Art doesn't need to be a privilege, accesibility is the key here.
As it is for artists it is for you, your children, for friends... Beauty in whatever form is for everybody. 

Does it come with a price?

Sure my friend, but beauty needs to be shared

Or if not, beauty doesn't exist..

Art Tube


The Authentic Gallery is curated by Bart Bogers from The Netherlands

The Authentic Gallery is an online gallery with pop-up exhibitions.

The Gallery offers artists an online platform and pop-up exhibitions at various locations.

What can you find at The Authentic Gallery?

  • Careful selection of professional art

  • New works on a regular bases.

  • Photography, paintings, drawings and more

  • Discounts 

  • Pop-up exhibitions

How does The Authentic Gallery select art?

The Authentic Gallery has focus to all kinds of artists

All selected artists who sell at The Authentic Gallery agreed to be represented by The Authentic Gallery on the website and at  pop-up exhibitions

For all sales realized by the Gallery, 25% commission goes to The Authentic Gallery.

Would you like to present your work to The Authentic Gallery?

Send an email with a link to your website or Instagram. Who knows, you may be selected for the gallery.

We communicate through email!


Bart Bogers

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