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Abstract Expressionism

Every piece of art I create is a part of my soul.
My soul wakes up every morning and helps me to see my day.
And translate the beauty into colours. 
It makes  me who I am.
It makes me how I live. 
It makes me how I paint. 
I am expressionism. 
Only then I can learn to let go of what lies outside my sphere of influence, and I can work on happiness and future. 
They say you need a reason to express yourself, but expressing yourself is the very reason. 
Hence expressionism.
Between darkness and light, there is a path leading up to find  yourself again. 
Creativity and soul. 
Being an artist takes courage. I never thought I would do this in a million years. 
But hey, I did.


Visual Artist

Since 1968 I have been working as a visual artist.
My disciplines are: Painting, etching, printing, Integration art (photography and make-up), performance, portraits analogs (printing of cutting boards) and model drawing.

I exhibit at home and abroad. See exhibitions for an overview.

As a drawing and painting teacher I activate creativity with students, with the aim of stimulating a free spirit.

Changes and developments are central to my work.

This involves changes in the surrounding nature and in myself.

I was inspired by the I Ching (the Chinese Book of Changes.)

The hexagrams in the book are a moment in time, an eternal stream of changes.

Precisely because changes are the theme for my work, the overview of my paintings from the past periods shows a fascinating personal development.

I find the materials for my paintings in the immediate vicinity, such as rose petals and feathers. For me they are expressions of growth and vulnerability.

I combine the materials within a painting into a whole that gives an interpretation of the moment; unique and at the same time one with the maelstrom of movement.

My paintings are objectively constructed.


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