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Abstract Expressionism

Rohan Kumara is an artist who creates abstract expressionism art.


Rohan was born in Sri Lanka, but was adopted when he was a baby.

He grew up in the Netherlands.


At age 22 Rohan started to have art lessons on therapy basis from Artist Riet Mooren who helped him to transform his traumatic youth experiences into strength by creating abstract art.


One of the most important achievements is that he learned through art on how to translate negative

feelings into positive vibes.

Canvas is the carrier of his emotions.

If you want to see Rohan, look to his art. What you see in front of you is how he feels in his head.


Art is for him truly the most sincerest way to express himself.

They say you need to express yourself, but expressing yourself is the very reason.


Rohan never thought he would ever do this in his life.

But here he is as an artist and his mission is far from complete.

After being nominated a number of times and winning a prize for the art he created, he is growing his self-confidence as an artist.


He learned: always to trust your instincts and to start by doing what is necessary - then do what is

possible - and suddenly you are doing the impossible.


Thanks to all who brought him from the shadows of the valley to the light of the mountain top.



Visual Artist

Since 1968 I have been working as a visual artist.
My disciplines are: Painting, etching, printing, Integration art (photography and make-up), performance, portraits analogs (printing of cutting boards) and model drawing.

I exhibit at home and abroad. See exhibitions for an overview.

As a drawing and painting teacher I activate creativity with students, with the aim of stimulating a free spirit.

Changes and developments are central to my work.

This involves changes in the surrounding nature and in myself.

I was inspired by the I Ching (the Chinese Book of Changes.)

The hexagrams in the book are a moment in time, an eternal stream of changes.

Precisely because changes are the theme for my work, the overview of my paintings from the past periods shows a fascinating personal development.


I find the materials for my paintings in the immediate vicinity, such as rose petals and feathers. For me they are expressions of growth and vulnerability.

I combine the materials within a painting into a whole that gives an interpretation of the moment; unique and at the same time one with the maelstrom of movement.

My paintings are objectively constructed.