Shipping & Returns - How does it go

  1. You order your artwork

  2. The Authentic Gallery will contact you about the delivery terms

  3. Then you receive an Invoice: you pay the artwork and shipping costs

  4.  Next: delivery of the artwork after payment These steps are explained below

Let's look a little more in detail to these steps:

1. Order your artwork on the website.

2. The Authentic Gallery will contact you about the delivery. After you ordered, The Authentic Gallery will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the delivery.

Note: the delivery is free - no costs.

3. Payment

  • Payments is required when you empty your shopping cart

4. Delivery of the artwork

  • The artwork is delivered after payment .

If you buy something, you will receive an email with an indication of the delivery time

The Authentic Gallery does its utmost to realise the delivery as quick as possible.

However, in practice it may happen that a work cannot be delivered on time, however, we keep you informed if a delay for whatever reason takes place

  • We send you the artwork in optimal conditions including good packaging material to prevent damage.

Carefully unpack the artwork and keep the packaging material in case you want to return the work.

Handle the reflection period carefully (14 days)

In case you want to return it, please pay attention on order to

- Avoid fingerprints.

- Prevent damage by, for example, placing a clean soft blanket on the floor if,

- Drawings or other work on paper that you receive flat, should be kept flat and should not be rolled up during the reflection period.

5.Returns: money back guarantee:  if you are not satisfied with the art work, we would like to hear  from you as soon as possible, but in any case within a time frame of 14 days  by contacting The Authentic Gallery through

- Costs for the return shipment and packaging material cost are for the buyer.

You will only receive back the full purchase price.

You can return works of art when you hcontactedwith The Authentic Gallery - if reasonably possible without damage and signs of use.

You will receive the return address from The Authentic Gallery (return address is not the same address for all works).

- You send it back registered, insured and with track and trace.

You pack the work in the same way as you received it, carefully with the original packaging material if possible.


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