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Shipping & Returns - How it works

  1. You order your artwork in our online shop. Are you having questions? Or do you want to see the artwork more closely to make sure it really is something for you? Contact us, we are more than willing to schedule an online visit with the painting.

  2. You pay the artwork and shipping costs.

  3. Next: we will confirm your order and contact you about the delivery of the artwork. 


1. How much does the shipping cost? 

When ordering from our shop, the shipping and packing costs will be calculated through the shop and included within the price. We will make sure that the product will be packed carefully and shipped on UPS Standard terms.

2. When will my order arrive?

After you ordered, The Authentic Gallery will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the delivery. Shipping days depend on your location, we will be contact about this with you.

3. Can I pick-up my artwork?

When you feel more comfortable making an appointment an pick up your artwork in person (in the Netherlands) there is always a possibility to do so. Please contact us Note: this option is not included in our webshop, but if you contact us we can arrange this.

4. Why don't you ship to my area?

When the shop tells you we cannot ship to your area it means that we haven't calculated the costs for shipping. Shipping artwork is not the most ordinary thing, so please let us know if you are from an area that "we cannot ship to" so we can calculate the terms and conditions and discuss them with you.

5. What if something goes with my delivery?

We send you the artwork in optimal condition including good packaging materials to prevent damage. We send our shipments via UPS and therefore the UPS is responsible for the delivery. If anything goes wrong, please let us know and send us the pictures. We will be in contact with UPS and will refund your payment if the proof of damage by shipping is sufficient.

4. Returns:

If unfortunately you have changed your mind about the artwork. Contact us within 14 days after the order has been placed: Tagshop will reimburse the payment of the artwork up to 14 days notice and only the payment of the artwork itself (not packing and shipping costs). 

Carefully unpack the artwork and keep the packaging material in case you want to return the work. Please pay attention on order to

- Avoid fingerprints.

- Prevent damage by, for example, placing a clean soft blanket on the floor if,

- Drawings or other work on paper that you receive flat, should be kept flat and should not be rolled up during the reflection period.

- You send it back registered, insured and with track and trace.

You pack the work in the same way as you received it, carefully with the original packaging material if possible.

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